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Steps We Take

We make the financial planning process clear and easy for you to understand and keep you informed along the way.

Your First Discovery Meeting

Your first discovery meeting is of no cost to you. It is an opportunity for you to meet with our Adviser to discuss what you hope to achieve that will require money, planning and advice.

We take the time to get to know you. We want to understand your individual needs and the things you aspire to do. We will discuss your current situation to find out what's working and not working for you financially. We will also discuss any pressing concerns you may have. 

To ensure we get a thorough understanding of your circumstances, we ask a lot of questions. It is important to do this so that we can help you maximise the probability of achieving the things that are most important to you.

Your Advice Engagement Meeting

Following our discovery meeting, we will arrange to meet with you again to discuss your advice engagement presentation, which will highlight the following:-

  • Our understanding of your individual goals and aspirations and why they are they important to you;
  • Your current financial position, including your income and expenses, lifestyle and financial assets, debts and personal insurances;
  • The areas of advice that are relevant to you and how these can help ensure you are on the best financial path;
  • Confirm what steps need to be taken from here and the cost of our advice for an initial 12 month period. This is a fixed dollar fee based on the complexity of work required.
If you choose to work with us, we ask you to sign the 'Terms of Engagement' acceptance letter and we commence the preparation of your personal financial plan. It is at this time we collect 50% of our engagement fee.

Your Advice Preparation / Presentation

Now that you have chosen to work with us, we undertake a more detailed data collection to ensure we have thoroughly understood your current financial position.

We use this information to prepare our comprehensive financial analysis and develop the recommended strategies to assist you in achieving your fundamental needs and personal aspirations.

We then document our recommended advice in your personal financial plan (called a Statement of Advice) and present this to you in our next meeting.

Your Advice Implementation

Our team takes care of all the paperwork with your assistance and will keep you informed of any progress along the way. If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to contact the office.

Our goal is to make this part of the advice process as simple and straightforward as possible for you.

We will continue to monitor and follow up the financial institutions to ensure the efficient and timely implementation of our advice to you.

As required, we will also liaise with your other professional advisers, for example your accountant in relation to tax planning or your solicitor for estate planning.

When we have put your financial plan in place, we will confirm completion in writing.

Our Ongoing Relationship

After our first 12 months of working together, we will arrange a Progress Meeting with you. At this meeting we will discuss if there have been any changes to your situation that now need to be incorporated into your financial plan.

We will asses how you are tracking towards achieving these goals and also discuss any new issues or changes that may have arisen over this period.

We will prepare a new 'Terms of Engagement' proposal to explain the fees that will apply for the next 12 months. We expect that the level of ongoing services you need will change from year to year, so the fee quoted will be based on the complexity at that time. 

Over time there will inevitably be changes to your circumstances. Perhaps your financial and lifestyle goals may alter or Governments will will change legislation relating to tax, superannuation and social security. All of these events will have implications for your financial plan and we want to ensure the advice we provide remains appropriate to your needs. 

It is also important to review your investments on a regular basis and rebalance portfolios as required. This helps to ensure your investment approach continues to align with the level of risk that you are comfortable with and is structured to achieve the long-term return objectives previously agreed with you. 

Once again, our aim is to maximise the probability of your achieving the things that are most important to you.